Tel: + 353 (0) 1 535 9592

Tel: + 353 (0) 1 535 9592

PositiveImpactswith Positive Cashflow's Positive Plus Service

My way of helping you, to help out your local community.

Helping you, to help your local community with Positive Plus 

I enjoy making positive impacts on business owners lives and their communities.
Doesn't it feel great helping people out? Especially if it costs you nothing!
That's why our Positive Plus service donates 10% of your fee, on your behalf, to a charity/organisation/sports club/GAA club (you name it, I'll pay it) of your choice.
They could be based in your local community or the community you're from originally.
If you choose the Positive Plus option, I'll send you a monthly statement breaking down the fees you pay me and your contributions to the causes important to you.

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