Tel: + 353 (0) 1 535 9592

Tel: + 353 (0) 1 535 9592


This is where you usually find a list of accountancy services next to pretty abacus and calculators icons!
But as a firm of accountants, you know I can do all the usual accountancy stuff for you. So instead, let's look at how I can help you and your business:

5 Star *****Positive Plus +Mojo restoration / wealth creation

You're great at what you do or you wouldn't have gone into business in the first place.
But if you're like most business owners, the distractions of running your business get in the way of growing and enjoying it!
Your future and your business' potential can come last when you're up to your ears in urgent, but not always important work.
So when you're looking after business, whose looking after you and your future?
This is where your future focused, right hand man comes in.
Of course I'll take care of all your necessary compliance work. But we'll also focus on what you want to get out of the business and keep you on track.
The years soon run by. If you're not focused on your wealth and lifestyle you can end up worse off than if you stayed in the job.
So let's start by building your personal wealth balance sheet. No fee, I'm investing in your future. From there we'll build the roadmap to the income you need to live the life you want.
We'll chart the gap between your business' profitability and the income / lifestyle you want.
Regular planning, reviews and accountability put the money in your hand and the smile back on your face.  

4 Star ****Confident CashflowPlan your future with confidence

If your cashflow is keeping you up at night this is for you.
Whatever direction the economy takes you'll be ready for it.
This is the full on Cashflow review and restructuring programme.
So you'll be able to look into the future with confidence.
No more worrying and waiting to know if you'll be able to pay the the tax bill that falls due in 3-months time!
No more judging the financial health of your business by your bank balance. (Oops maybe I shouldn't have bought the new van. I though the rent payment had already cleared!)  
You'll be able to make business investment decisions based on the true financial health of your business. 
We'll get the money flowing into your bank as quickly as possibly. And flowing out as slowly as possible, without messing around with your suppliers.
We'll create the sytem and checks that reduce the anxiety of running a business.
There's no crystal ball in business. 
But when you can see shortfalls months in advance you have the time and motivation to transform your future.
Find out if this is right for you. Click on the button below. We'll hop onto a Zoom call and review your current cashflow position.

3 Star *** The BasicsTaking care of your paperwork

How do you feel when the brown envelopes from the Revenue Commissioners flop through your letterbox?
If you're looking for someone to take care of all those letters, forms and deadlines, you're in the right place.
Imagine what you could achieve without the worry of those tedious, distracting, joy sapping duties?
You know the stuff: the year-end accounts, payroll, VAT, Company filings with Companies Registration Office (CRO), Company and personal tax returns with Revenue Commissioners etc. etc.
As the buffer between you / your business and the authorities, I'll make sure you stay compliant with both Companies Registration Office (CRO) and Revenue Commissioners.
So you can get on with the work you love, earn more money and have more fun.
We'll also look at every Euro that leaves you for the taxman to keep those tax bills to a minimum. So there's mores cash at the end of the year to invest in the business and spend on your loved ones.
'The Basics' is the absolute minimum you should expect from a good accountant.
What's not to like?
Click on the button and we can talk through your options.
Go on click it now, before something else pops up and distracts you.

Free, Control your Cash Flow Session

Take the first step to taking back control of your financesYour free 30 minute, one-to-one, online cash flow review and action plan sessionSo click the link below now. Let's get a time in our diaries